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Avv. Massimo Lascialfari

Massimo Lascialfari was born in Florence on September 9th, 1965. He graduated from Florence Law School (Facoltą di Giurisprudenza) in February 1992. He was admitted to the Bar Association of Florence on November 8th, 1995. On March 22nd 2013 he was licensed to present cases before the Italian supreme courts. He is fluent in English language both spoken and written.

Massimo Lascialfari specializes mainly in commercial law (purchasing and/or rental of business, distribution contracts, agency contracts, franchising agreement, trademark acquisitions or license agreements etc.), real estate law (purchasing and rental of real estate, time sharing ownership arrangements), and company law (companies’ shares purchases, drafting articles of association and shareholders’ agreements).

In 2010 Mr. Lascialfari earned master’s degree in “Management and Accounting” from “Enrico Giannessi” Institute, a branch of the School of Business of the University of Pisa. Since 1994, he has been associated as an independent researcher in the field of the civil law to the University of Florence. He authored several comments on court decisions and articles in books. He is the editor of the web site dedicated to legal matters which foreign investors may be faced with when doing business in Italy.

As mandated by the law Mr. Lascialfari regularly attends professional and deontology refresher courses.

Massimo Lascialfari has been a partner at Studio Legale Contri since 1999. It is possible to contact Mr. Lascialfari at the phone numbers of Studio Legale Contri which can be found in the home-page of this web site; alternatively, you can send him an e-mail to the following address: